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MedicTag Medic Alert Device ,alert and emergency information

In an emergency your medical information is critical to an accurate, timely and possibly life saving diagnosis.

MedicTag is the original digital USB device designed specifically for emergency medic information and alert.


 Having accurate and up to date medical information at one’s fingertips is invaluable to anyone with a chronic medical condition. Vacationers, business travelers, people who see multiple doctors, those that may require emergency care, or anyone that wishes to create their own emergency information record will also want a MedicTag.


 Does your medical ID have enough information to save your life? How about who to call if you are unconscious or being transported to a hospital?

 With MedicTag all your emergency information is always close at hand.


 MedicTag is a digital USB personal medic information and alert device that combines your emergency information with today's technology. A digital memory chip is used to store all your information on the easy to use MedicTag medical history and alert form and the distinctive styling and bright logo will alert medic personnel to your special needs and existing medical conditions.


 With MedicTag  any emergency service, ambulance, police or rescue squad with a computer can have instant access to all your emergency information. Emergency contacts, existing conditions, allergies, medications, doctors and much more.

MedicTag can tell them when you can't.

Click the image below or click here to view what Hunter Tylo says about MedicTag

Hunter Tylo  features MedicTag on Life & Leisure Television


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first alert and emergency response information



carry your vital information with you



plus S & H



photos courtesy of Loretta Humble

The security of knowing your emergency information is there when you need it






MedicTag USB ID can speak for you, even if you can't!


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